California Bankruptcy Status: Harassment and the Associated Discrimination

California Bankruptcy Claims and Stigmatization in Public and the Employment Sector

Bankruptcy, though always beneficial for both parties involved in financially stressful situations, have over time, come to be associated with high negativity. The situation is even worse for people who have never had prior experience in bankruptcy and the involved steps. The misinformation that exists thus gives people the perception that bankruptcy is something to be avoided in all situations, at times leading to immeasurable negative consequences.

The stigma associated with bankruptcy has several negative impacts that sometimes are not directly observed.  Emotional and psychological traumas associated with the stigma often drive people to develop self-harming habits and at times even drive California bankruptcy clients to suicide.

Other than that, discrimination arises as a result of the stigma associated with bankruptcy. A bankrupt client may find it harder to secure a paying job with California employers as compared to someone with no bankruptcy record.

Similarly, a client who seeks for California bankruptcy protection might find themselves at the risk of losing their current employment when employers find out about their status due to the stigma associated with declaring bankruptcy.

As if that is not enough, clients who have previously gone through bankruptcy often complain of harassment in the community from neighbours and colleagues due to their status.

The California laws, however, protect such individuals from discrimination both in the workplace through the enactment of the discrimination clauses.  It is advisable for a person seeking to file a bankruptcy claim thus to consult with an attorney if concerned about the stigmatization resulting from the bankruptcy claim.

A discrimination claim will effectively protect you from unfair treatment in the workplace as well as from harassment from colleagues due to your bankrupt status.

While you might not have the option of concealing your bankruptcy status when applying for employment with the state, the discrimination claim will ensure that you are not treated differently from other applicants based on your bankruptcy status.

The discrimination claim, though, will not apply to private employers, especially in positions that involve the handling of money. In such an instance, it would require your openness and personal effort to convince the employer of your trustworthiness if you hope to secure the position.

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